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VOLUME SIX, ISSUE FORTY                                 October 17th, 1999

                            TABLE OF CONTENTS

                             NEWS & REPORTS
          -                The Immortal Report                       -
          -                   Did You Know?                          - 
          -              Seasonal Cooking Contest                    -
          -                  Pkill  Tourney!                         - 

          -                     Clan News!                           -
          -                    An Invitation                         -
          -                 A Strange Letter ...                     -       
          -              The Tale of LeChuck, Part 3                 -

___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                    UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTS                   |__\

         [All times are system time unless otherwise specified]

           >-/\*/\-/\*/\-/\*/\-/\ October /\-/\*/\-/\*/\-/\*/\-<

Wednesday,  October 20,   6:00 pm              RP Brainstorming Session
Thursday,   October 21,   7:00 pm              Q & A in OOC Auditorium
Wednesday,  October 27,   6:00 pm              RP Brainstorming Session
Thursday,   October 28,   7:00 pm              Q & A in OOC Auditorium
Sunday,     October 31    All Day -> Happy Halloween Festivities! <-

___                                                                    ___
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/__|                          NEWS AND REPORTS                        |__\

                            The Immortal Report

This summary covers the last two weeks.


Zandy worked on clarifying the rules about language. He found some purged
characters for people, and issued a few warnings.


Sandra sorted through bugs, typos, and ideas, fixed bugs in Pittsburgh, and
talked with testers.

Charity did lots of work on the online docs for use by the imm staff. She did
some strings, restrings, and archivals, and spent some time talking to
players as well.

Chimera did some work on his Cheyenne area and did a bit of testing on Greece.

Cheyla returned from her vacation, and made lots of progress fixing up Alaska
based on Joule's comments.

Croaker fixed a few bugs and did some playtesting for Greece. He wrote a few
more mobs for Hades, and started researching his next area.

Joule worked on Texas, doing maps and working with mobs. She also did some
testing in Alaska and Tudor.

Kae made fixes to Malta based on comments from Natalia, Chimera, and
Charity. She did some work on her new Denmark area and her part of the
Shakespeare area project.

LadyAce finished her read-through of Anasazi.

Rusalka had a lot of RL work, but fit in some time to work on the Shakespeare
area project. She did some testing on Anasazi.

Zandy worked on fixing typos and improving his Anasazi area based on comments
from testers.


Ea! fixed a few crashing bugs, worked on a few things for pkok. He changed
the default color for exits, made aim break if you move, made balance more
effective at higher dex, adjusted some skill pre-reqs, made vial-based spells
refund your mana if you don't have a vial, and fixed a bug where you showed
up on roster while LD.

Chocorua was on vacation and busy recovering from it.

Rufus added in some documentation and continued his work on the underlying
structure for skilltrees.

Sandra made a few typo fixes in code messages.

Snapper fixed a bug in item affects.


LadyAce did the normal online and offline work, strings, restrings,
descriptions, archives, unarchives, pkenables. She worked on new items for
the prize machine, put together an LT, and two Q & As.

Chimera did strings, restrings, descriptions, answered questions, and did
some work on getting together a trivia.

Rusalka did strings, talked to players & answered questions, and ran a "meet
the imms" cocktail party.

Stile talked to people about immorting, and worked on the new player guide.

Spencer did strings and restrings, some title trivia, and helped a few
newbies get used to the game.


  /  _  \  DID YOU KNOW: Tips and tricks and little-used features
 /__/ \  \
      /  /  Did you know that if you get a "That's not a container"
     /  /   message when trying to get something out of a container
    /__/    (for example, get leaves tree) it means that there's 
    __      another non-container item present with the same keyword
   /  \     you tried to use? Try using another keyword for the container
   \__/     (for example, get leaves oak) or find your item that's
            creating the conflict, and put it in a bag temporarily.


       *** Announcing LegendMUD's First Seasonal Cooking Contest! ***

The Halloween festivities this year will include a cooking contest (check the
Events list for exact time). Aspiring chefs are invited to enter their recipe
for a Halloween treat.

Any level may participate, and pairs of chefs may work together if you think
you'll need help obtaining exotic ingredients (or help coaxing the
ingredients into the pot!). Think up a treat, collect the ingredients, make
your presentation of how the treat is assembled, and don't forget to give
your creation a spiffy name!

Prizes will be awarded in categories to include: Best Overall, "Worst"
Overall, Best Presentation, Best Ingredients, and Best Name. Charity will be
hosting and judging the event. Anyone who disputes her judgement will be
forced to eat the "Worst" Overall treat. =P

Exact contest rules will be handed out in the Official LegendMUD kitchen at
the start of the event, and presentations will be held at a site in Tudor
specially rented for the occasion, since the folks who run the OOC won't let
players brew up messes in their kitchen. So get your cake pans and your
cauldrons ready, and get set to make LegendMUD culinary history!


                              Pkill Tourney!

Well, it's that time of year again. Time for the semi-annual Pkill Tourney!

The date will be Saturday, November 6th at 2pm system time.  Please get your
entries in to me by Friday, November 5th at midnight system time, if you plan
to enter!

Rules are as follows:
To enter, write your name, level, and whether or not you use a gun/bow on a
piece of paper and mudmail it from THAT character to me, Sandra.

More rules will be posted closer to the tourney date.

Weight classes are:
10-19 Featherweight 
20-29 Lightweight
30-39 Middleweight
40-50 Heavyweight

If you have any questions regarding this semi-annual event, please mud mail


            /                        \
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
   (o o)    \________________________/
___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|    LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World     |__\

                               Clan News:

The Order of the Scroll, and the Mercenaries were disbanded for low

FLIRT: The First Emergency Lust Team Clan was disbanded by Dyluth.

The Knights of Legend were disbanded and then reformed as an RP clan.

                             (*)   (*)   (*) 

A new clan forms: Intempesta Nox

Intempesta Nox, Latin for "the dead of night", is an RP clan for vampires,
demons, dead and undead folks, and other related creatures. We welcome all
that are soul-challenged.

We currently have a lovely villa in Aquae Sulis, which will allow anyone to
have a private room if they can afford it. Unlike many live humans, we are
very supportive of each other and help out with equipment, skills and
advice.  Enabled chars are allowed but, for obvious reasons, we can't help if

If you're interested in becoming one of us, please contact Drusilla, the
founder and current GM.

                             (*)   (*)   (*) 

...Whispered words in the shadows around the fires in the dark forests make
mention that Ezri and Cruor are the names of the newest witches to join the
Grand Coven...

                             (*)   (*)   (*) 

'Tis my pleasure to make known that our fair Dame Firefly has returned to
the ranks of the faithful after a short absence. May she walk with the
Lord, may her sword remain sharp always, and her poultices fall to the
bleeding hands of worthy warriors!

Tancred de Gisborne
Master of the Temple


                              An Invitation

Fred happy. Fred very happy. Fred says that a big party is coming and thinks
you all should come. His boss Marcel and small lady Mitra are getting married
in Paradise on December 4 at noon system time! Fred never been there before!
Marcel promised Fred that there would be lots of coffee and Mitra said there
would be tea. Fred wonders why anyone would drink tea when they could have

- Fred the Demon 


                           A Strange Letter...

Sentries posted along the battlefields of Acre recently intercepted a letter
containing seemingly private information.  Our good King Richard's
councillors are currently trying to discover whether this fine sheet of
parchment carries important strategic information written in between the

Aziza Fatima!

Allah has been good to me today! As I wandered in the camp of the Infidel
Franks, disguised - alas, I cannot reveal as what, lest this letter falls
into the wrong hands - I came upon a most intriguing event which I am certain
will serve to amuse the good folks of Akka.

It so happened that two men, to judge from their robes Knights of the Temple,
were arguing regarding a sale of property - one argued that the sale of this
island to the English king, may Allah curse his sons for several generations
ahead and Shaitan welcome him into his realm, would be a profitable and
politically sound move for the Order of the Temple. The other knight was set
against this, arguing that in the future, if the war went badly for the
Christians, which we all pray it will, Cyprus would be a good place for the
infidel dogs to retreat to, to lick their wounds and prepare for another
battle against our righteous forces.

Harsh words were exchanged, and as if to prove how uncivilized these dogs who
worship a prophet as if he were God are, the younger of the two drew his
blade and fell upon his brother. Defending himself ably, the elder man was no
match for the physical prowess of the younger, and soon had to leave the
site. Brawls broke out among the Knights Templar after this. Not only is this
amusing to us, but it also teaches us some of these feared murderers of the
righteous: They are factioned and divided amongst themselves. It would seem
one faction follows the younger Sir Roger de Sable into battle, believing in
a more straight-forward policy against us, slaughtering every child of Allah
they come across - and the other faction find more worthy the politics of Sir
Tancred de Gisborne, to move with some caution and to leave women and
children alive.  Surely Allah smiles upon us when our enemies are divided!

Allahu akbar!
Adil ibn-Rashid


                            A Shadowed Circle

The voices echoed through a cavernous ballroom, just two despite the fact
that the room could hold that many plus a thousand more. It was a splendid
place, the walls seeming to be works of magnificent art themselves, and the
high vaulted ceiling seemed to give the place a almost holy status with so
only two people there.

A man and a woman, it would appear, although both of them seem to be much
more than just that. He would stand to be about 7 feet tall and clothed in
antiquated Victorian clothes, but its hard to judge his height considering
the spines sticking from his shaven head, beautiful in an alien way with its
perfect symmetry.

The woman appears much more human. That is, what can be seen of her. She
seems to be wrapped in the shadows much like some woman wrap themselves in
fine furs. But what is viewable, is stunningly beautiful, and in a much more
comfortable way.

"I still don't understand your reasoning behind assigning me to some little
place thats already crawling with evil. Things are quite busy here as is,
dear Tomas," she says, a cattish smile creasing her lips. "Besides, who will
clean your shell if I'm gone?"

The man snorted in disbelief and waved one hand in dismissal "That has
nothing to do with it. The power of the Sabbat is quite secure here, but
there, the people are still shackled by the beliefs of others. Ms Wyrmspire,
I'm sure the change of scenery would do you well anyway.. you've already killed
three of the new fledglings, so I suspect something must be bothering you" A
thin and cold smirk from the man before he continues "Usually they just kill
themselves after spending time with you"

The woman rolls her eyes in exasperation and makes a gesture with her hand. A
shaft of shadow from a corner of the room reaches out, stuffing itself into
the mouth of the man "Enough. Fine, I'll go. If only to get away from your
insipid sense of humor, darling."

The man chokes a little on the shadow in his mouth as if it was a hand "I do
hope you'll get by without me, pet. Ciao." She lifts a gloved hand to her
lips and blows the man a kiss. The shadow dissipates, leaving him to only
glare at her as she saunters out of the ballroom.

"Someday.. I swear, I'll make her choke on those gloves.." he mutters to
himself, stalking off in a different direction.


                       The Tale of LeChuck, Part 3

Previously in The tale of LeChuck and Now! Guybrush and Now! Elaine :

As the captured people were brought out, Guybrush almost made a fatal
mistake, forgetting that he was a peasant now he almost blew his cover. But
he saw Elaine high above which made his heart tingle and gave him the
assurance she was OK. Also he caught eye of LeChuck for the second time in
his life, and deepening his hatred for the man he swore that he'd have his
revenge upon. Managing to slip out of the mass which was herded off to the
dungeons, he settled in an alley and decided to wait for the nightfall. For
the last time he checked for his root-beer, gripped his rapier and fell


Blackness. Feeling of movement. Picture of lustful Elaine. PAIN !!! Guybrush
awoke in a cold, damp prison tied like a sausage. He looked up only to see a
pirate standing over him taking another swing at him. PAIN, again !!! PAIN
followed by a blinding light !!! Sound of heels snapping to an attention.

"So what do we have here??" heard Guybrush as a smell of perfume mixed with
the odor of corpses filled his nostrils. As the blinding light withdrew, he
saw a towering silhouette over him. LeChuck !!! Now he knew that there
finally was no hope left ...

By examinig LeChuck more closely he saw that he was dressed in a new stylish
bloody red attire, his famously wriggling beard lay straight, obviously
beaten by a comb or a brush, and his curly black hair captive under a large
wide brimmed hat with a single white feather. His jaw fell low in amazement.

"What ??? Oh , you mean this attire. Well a man should dress nice when going
to his own wedding. I believe you know the bride. Elaine."

"You won't get away with this..." cried Guybrush only to find out that
the position was not at all that promising and shut up, beaten once more, one
time too many.

"What?? Giving up so easily?? Well you were like that as a kid ... "
snickered LeChuck.

"What do you ... "

"I know a lot more about you that you think!" LeChuck was in his element, and
started to walk briskly around the cell, like a lion around his prey.  "Like
when your brother had beaten you, you always ran away. When you did something
bad, you always admitted it, being unable to endure the pressure, and so on.
And the recent job as a pirate, PLEASE!!!" "STOP !" said Guybrush with what
he had gathered of his crumbling voice. "How !?!"

" You haven't figured it out yet ?? Look closer and tell me what you see. "

With his glassy eyes Guybrush started looking LeChuck over and over again,
not being able to catch a glimpse of anything known off the high figure
towering above him. There .... That sudden movement of his body, that way
that his arms followed his body in a specific circular motion ... Could it be
true ???

"Cornelius?? Is that really you?? "

"Silence!!! Nobody calls me that anymore. All that did are dead now."

"Except me ?"

"Except YOU ! "

"Eek !! "

"Yes, cower. It is the time for you to die. But contrary to your opinion I'll
let you fight for your life and I promise you, it will be a fair fight,"
stated LeChuck while disrobing his jacket.

"Who shall I fight?? Some expert I suppose. It would be better if you
finished me off and let me die gracefully. For old times sake!"

"No, no experts, too expensive. Just ME!" said LeChuck and grinned at his

"I shall need my weapons!" 

"You shall have your weapons."

Snapping his fingers LeChuck had all of Guybrush's belongings brought out.
Taking out the rapier from the sack he casually threw it over to Guybrush who
reluctantly picked it up and gave it a quick SWOOSH!

"And the rest of my weapons??" inquired Guybrush, knowing that without
root-beer he had no chance whatsoever.

"I think that rapier will suffice but shall we see what those other weapons
are that you seek."

LeChuck started taking out various personal items, among which he found
Elaine's veil. He immediately recognized it as hers by the perfume it was
soaked in. His eyes locked with his brother's, but he said nothing.  It made
Guybrush shiver. He also took out his whip and gave it a snap and Guybrush
shivered again. And at last he took out the root-beer, dropped it and jumped
back. His face was a mass of fury, and turning to Guybrush he drew out his
cutlass and leapt towards Guybrush with only one intent in mind.

Guybrush was surprised by this sudden display of anger but managed, in time,
to raise his rapier in defense, fighting off the first attack of his

In the meantime Elaine was preparing for the wedding she knew it was
impossible to get out of. But the constant attention made her feel good and
she got into the spirit, ordering maids around and trying out only the finest
that man can make. The luxury was tremendous and the wealthy-bitch nature in
her had risen to the surface. Somewhere in the depths was a voice saying
"This is wrong, this is wrong, this is w.... , oh bugger it!" and she knew
that sooner or later she will have to get rid of LeChuck herself. She only
hoped that Guybrush was OK and that someday she would be able to reunite with
him -- and live off LeChuck's fortune with her as the widow and the only

Managing with a quick motion using his left hand Guybrush managed to get the
sweat out of his eyes in time to catch a glimpse of LeChuck trying to get to
him sideways. Both of them had scratches and bruises. Guybrush was bleeding
from his left thigh having managed, in the scuffle, to actually injure

Although LeChuck was the better of the two, he had to admit that Guybrush
fought quite well and that he maybe underestimated him. It wasn't turning out
to be such an easy job and soon he would be late for the wedding. On the
other hand, Guybrush was so terrified by the performance of LeChuck that he
didn't have time to notice that not only was he still alive, LeChuck doesn't
hit as hard and determined anymore.

The final preparations for the wedding were coming to an end and one had to
admit that Elaine looked magnificent. She wore a simple white satin gown,
which cost a small country, but that hadn't bothered her much. It was
decorated with the pearl beads, and accessorized in imported white French
pumps and a veil about 10 feet long. Thinking of ways to get rid of LeChuck,
she had decided to take a direct approach and in somewhat pirate manner, to
take him out at the wedding. For this purpose, she attached a small
jewel-decorated dagger to her garter, the coolness of which made her shiver
and reminded her of what she had to do. For the last time she checked her
makeup, lowered the veil and proceeded downstairs to become the richest widow
on this side of the Atlantic.

The fight was cooling down a bit as both brothers were getting tired, both by
now injured in one way or the other, with only the hate and the will to live
keeping them both standing. LeChuck decided against his better judgment to
make a final run for it, hoping that this far along in the battle, he'd take
Guybrush by surprise and finally end this struggle. Although blood and sweat
entered his eyes, Guybrush watched closely his enemy, years of fleeing danger
giving him the upper hand, when he noticed that LeChuck paused for a moment
which immediately sent a message to his brain -- "Watch out!".

With the force and anger which would surely paralyze any man not already knee
deep in the dung, LeChuck rushed forward with his weapon raised high above
his head trying to get Guybrush from the above and straight to the head.
Guybrush managed to crouch and raise his rapier to block the attack but the
force was too great and he only managed to deflect it, the razor sharp weapon
entering his shoulder. Not managing to place the final blow LeChuck was
knocked over giving Guybrush time to shift his rapier to the other hand and
swiftly cut of LeChuck hand while he tried to get up, the mighty hand still
holding the sword landed with the sort of thump! and clang!.

The wedding was scheduled to begin a half an hour ago and the groom still
haven't arrived which made Elaine extremely nervous, having numerous doubts
about her plan. The other pirate guests weren't worried because they knew
better than to second guess and pry in LeChuck affairs, only his need for
associates keeping them alive. She glanced at the guests and by their
inaction decided they won't contest her when she takes over and decided that
she will KILL LeChuck the second he says "I do!"

"So my little brother beat me. What now little brother??"

"Now you die," stated Guybrush with the coolness that surprised even

"You won't have the guts. You never had." said LeChuck and spat at him.

"Just watch me CORNELIUS!!" commented Guybrush as he proceeded towards his
bag where LeChuck put it to get the root beer.

LeChuck frowned at the mention of his name but said nothing, taking the
opportunity with his healthy hand to get to his dagger snuggly placed in his
boot. As Guybrush lowered himself to get the root-beer, LeChuck leapt and
screaming "DIE !!!" went to place the dagger into his brothers back. With
the bottle in hand and no time to open it, Guybrush turned around and sent
the bottle flying through the air, hitting LeChuck smack in the head. 

With lot of smoke, LeChuck vanished leaving just a pile of clothes on the
floor. Bandaging his wound, Guybrush decided to go to the wedding as LeChuck
and under that guise to marry Elaine.

There was commotion in the room which made Elaine jump and turn only to see
LeChuck coming down the aisle. He looked a bit different but there could me
no mistake it was him and time for his death had come.

The ceremony had started, during which Elaine started lifting her dress bit
by bit in order to get to the dagger in time for the "I do's". She looked
over him and noticed the falling shoulder and the scratches and she knew he
did battle. But with whom??? It must be with Guybrush, no other could be that
important that he would be late for his wedding. He killed him, no. And she
cried inside. Her hate for him grew even stronger and decided that she'll
stare into his eyes as he exhaled his last breath. The priest interrupted her
thoughts with the "Elaine, do you??"

"I do ... " stated Elaine managing to suppress her cries, her hand already
at the hilt of the dagger.

"And you, LeChuck, do you take Elaine as your wife, to love and cherish till
death *cough*, till she dies ??"

She prepared for the strike, calming herself for the death blow.

"I DO !!" said the tall figure with shaky voice.

That voice, that voice, could it be ??? Isn't he dead ?? With the last nerve of
effort she managed to redirect her blow so the dagger impaled his right
thigh. With that motion all of the pirates leapt towards the altar to help
LeChuck only to discover that it wasn't him at all. It was Guybrush, dressed
like a true pirate, standing fast and tall, a strange glow in his eyes.

They all stopped. They have seen that kind of glow before and knew that they
had a new boss, and so they said nothing.

"All hail .... ummm, what's your name???" yelled one of them.

"You may call me Guybrush."

"All hail Guybrush our new leader!!" said the one.

"HAIL !!!" echoed through the room.

Waiting till the proceedings were over, Elaine stood crying with the
happiness knowing that she will be married to the greatest pirate after all.

He took her in her arm and whispered "I love you, you fool."

"I know, I love you too," and she kissed him.

Later they celebrated like nothing has happened and the chapter in the
history had begun.  What happened to the LeChuck, is he dead and can the
immortal die?? Well no, they can't die but there are alternatives ...

LeChuck was transfered to the Island of the Legless Canary where the priests,
during long and the occult ceremony banished LeChuck from the earth to the
one of many known dimensions.

LeChuck found himself, naked, in a tavern in , what he gathered from the
architecture and language, and also the potatoes baking, that he was in Lima,
Peru. An ephemeral figure placed a small practice sword in his hand, giving
him something called LegendFAQ sheet and 500 gold coins. He stood up and
decided to start over and become the greatest pirate on  ... whatever this
place was.

                                THE END
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