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VOLUME THREE, ISSUE SEVEN                                April 28, 1996
                        TUDOR LONDON GOES IN!
                          -Code Updates-
                          -Expies Update-
                        -Morwynn's New Desc-
                          -Did You Know?-
                           -Legend Meet-
                       -LT Contest Reminder-
                       -Role Play Discussion-
                            SOCIAL EVENTS
                          -Bloody Saturday-
                  -Malorn Reunited with Daughter-
                 -Feisal and Cathrina Get Married!-
                         -A Tale of a Wench-
                          -Abigail's Story-

                   COMING UP IN OUR NEXT ISSUE: 
      Skill Trees! (What are they, and how will they affect you?)

Please send your responses to articles to the Legendary Times address
at [email protected] Letters to the editor are welcomed (we also 
welcome articles :). If your server has trouble sending stuff to the LT 
address, try [email protected] Thanks! 
                       TUDOR LONDON IS IN!
Set in 1600, the age of Queen Elizabeth I and Shakespeare, Tudor London 
includes London (the City), Westminster (the seat of government), and the 
South Bank, the theatre district; all three of which are connected by the 
Thames River. Here, you may peruse the wares at Newgate Market, explore 
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, or hobnobb with the powerful at 
Parliament...or even see the Queen! But beware, the Star Chamber, 
can be a dangerous place for those who are unwary.....

Veteran Legend-mudders should take note that installing of London 
necessitated a bit of rearrangement in Sherwood (since part of Sherwood 
included the geographical locale that London would be in). Thus, you 
should give yourself some time to regain your bearings). The easiest way to 
get to London is to go south at the intersection south and east of the 
Royal Stag. Or, you can go up the Thames from its mouth, north of the 
English Channel.

Many folks have had some difficulty with the layout of the Globe (exits 
that go one way don't always lead back the same). The reason for this is 
that the Globe is round, something that's difficult to carry out with 
the cardinal directions. Thus, the basic layout for the First Gallery 
looks like this (it's very similar to the Courtyard and Second Gallery):
     First Gallery                               First Gallery --- Stairs
          C         |  <--             -->    |     A            (east)
                    |  (west)        (east)   |  
                    |                         |  
                   \|/                       \|/
                  (south)                  (south)
                          First Gallery

The stairwell is east from room A (you take a west from the stairs to get
to the Gallery). Then, to get to B, the central room, you go south. Or, to 
get to B from C, you go south. Going east from B gets you to A, west gets 
you to C. The goal is to provide a sense of roundness. Anyway, give the exits 
a try (a similar "circular exits" layout can be found in the Abbey of St. 
Denis). If they remain confusing after a few weeks, Rusalka will 
switch'em to something more linear.

As many of you have already noted, the Inn is just that...The Inn. Which 
means it needs a name. Which means, it's time for yet another contest!
So send in those English pub names, including ones from Shakespeare, 
"real" pubs, history . . . or your own imagination. Criteria for 
judging include humor, originality, and ties to the Tudor area, as well as 
(some) respect for English pub tradition. Just about any name is fair 
game, except for ones with the word "Boar" in them (we already have the Wild 
Boar in the OOC). The winning submission will receive a string, plus Legendary
immortality. Entries are due May 8.


                           CODE UPDATES

- Mika is no longer useful for carrying items or player corpses.

- Some of the Tudor quest mobs will talk a bit more slowly after the next 

- One bad Tudor exit in the Globe Theater will be fixed after reboot.


                        EXPIES UPDATE

The next round of ballots is out. Compiled from the initial nominations 
ballots, these ballots list the top contenders in each category. So be 
sure to get your vote in by May 3, 11:59 PM CST (mud time). Those who 
have not recieved a ballot (and would like to) should mud-mail Flagg.


                     MORWYNN'S NEW DESCRIPTION

Morwynn recently decided to change her short and long descriptions in 
order to "cut down on the mistells to other women with the word lass as a 
code word, and also to let people know what clan I am in."
Her short is now "a raven-haired Sage," and her long description is now 
"A raven-haired sage smiles knowingly as you pass."

  /  _  \     DID YOU KNOW      ...that the Wild Boar Tavern or OOC Lounge...
 /__/ \  \
      /  /    ...has been used for mud wedding receptions?
     /  /         ...has seen several 'town meetings'?
    /__/          ...has been host to scary stories on Halloween?
    __            ...has been the site of the Expies Awards?
   /  \           ...has been the location of a lecture series?
   \__/       ...was the location of the War Room?

   _____          Many people responded to the survey taken at the beginning
  /  _  \     of the year saying that they didn't know what the OOC was,
 /__/ \  \        what the War Room Board was, or couldn't find a use for them.
      /  /
     /  /         The Wild Boar Tavern was set up as a place to hang out and
    /__/          talk about out of character things, to be yourself. This
    __            allows the more serious roleplaying to go on uninterrupted
   /  \           with fewer distractions in the real mud. There's a bunch of
   \__/       goofy things to eat and drink there, as well as a gift shoppe
              where everything can be mailed to that 'special' someone.
  /  _  \     The auditorium has been gathering cobwebs it seems. If
 /__/ \  \        anyone has ideas for a lecture series event that they would
      /  /    care to see/hear or better yet present, please send email or
     /  /         mudmail to Ptah or Rusalka for coordination. Past lectures
    /__/          have included a talk about the life of a medic in the
    __            military by Dominc, scary stories on Halloween, a pkill
   /  \           workshop by Mercenary, and several 'town meetings' to discuss
   \__/       the future of the mud and various code issues.

   _____          The War Room Board was added to encourage pk-enabled
  /  _  \     characters to interact and publicize the on-going scenarios.
 /__/ \  \        While an in-character device, it was located in the OOC
      /  /    primarily because of the ease of access it would give to
     /  /         all clan members and rogues alike. Please remember we do
    /__/          have a limit on the number of messages on boards and you
    __            should erase any of your old outdated messages frequently
   /  \           so that others can use the board as well.

[Editor's Note: We're currently debating ways to make the OOC more useful 
as the OOC (rather than as refuge from playerkilling). Right now, the 
options include doing nothing, doing things to encourage the players to 
use it only for OOC stuff, making the OOC totally seperate from the MUD, 
and rmeoving it. We are very interesting in hearing player comments (at 
this point, it's in your ballpark) and invite you all to post your 
opinions on the LDL.] 


                          LEGEND MEET

Rumor has it that a number of Legend-folk convened in Washington DC 
last weekend for three days of conversation, Magic (tm) games, and other 
pursuits...(we also heard that Kendrik organized the whole thing :) 
Those who went are invited to send their accounts to [email protected] 
for a use in future article.



Our borders contest is still going on; we've already received a number of 
borders. As mentioned before, the due date for those ASCII creations is 
May 1. The top border contender will receive one string; anyone who turns 
in borders for the contest (and future use in the LT) will receive a cookie. 
Please do note that we ask that borders be no larger than 3 lines "tall."


                       ROLE-PLAY DISCUSSION

Last Thursday's discussion was a lively one and included ideas on making 
your roleplay personna distinct from the "real" you and some thoughts on 
player killing clans. The consensus was that we should do role play 
discussions on a weekly basis. The next will be on Saturday, at 7:30 CST 
(Texas time) in the OOC Piano Lounge. Topics that we hope to cover 
include OOC vs IC interactions and player killing (how can you make it 
more RP oriented?). We also invite all those who want assistance in 
starting a new RP character to join us (sometimes a little group 
brainstorming can go a long way :)

- Rusalka

            /                        \
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMud?|
   (o o)    \________________________/


Somar will be celebrating his birthday on May 3. We also heard that 
Agrippa's was last Saturday (April 20). Happy Birthday to them both!1

            \            BLOODY SATURDAY

(as eyewitnessed by Solomon, with additional comments from Stephen)

I entered the game and, as is my habit, went immediately to ooc to check
the boards. I arrived in the war room to find several people in
conversation. Lori, Hero, Marton, Stephen, Sin and Sabrosa were all there.
Apparently, Marton had not only given a Knight's token to Keyzer, but had
also strewn 10 others about the MUD. Somar arrived and declared Marton to
no longer be a Knight. Hero dared Marton to exit ooc so that he could kill

*->Indeed, truth spoken and truth told this is.  However, something of the
   past hath been left out.  Though I claim not to know the whole story, my
   own actions can be spelled out.  I trailed Marton across all of Legend
   trying to get him to stay in one place long enough to speak with for I had
   learned he was suspected of turning traitor.  Little did I know that 
   as I followed him he had strewn nearly a dozen tokens across the land.
   As I visited Sutton Hoo, I found the first of these and promptly destroyed
   it before continuing my fruitful search.
I left ooc and transed to Sherwood, where I found several people waiting
for Marton to leave ooc. When he finally did, Hero attacked. Lori stunned
Hero, and Stephen knocked Marton down with a headbutt. Lori's Bad Attitude
blinded Hero, who crashed into Richard the Innkeeper. Kheldar joined the
fight by kicking Hero.

*->Aye, 'tis true - a battle most confusing.  My compliments to Solomon
   for watching so closely.

After several rounds of combat, Stephen killed Marton, but the fight raged
on. Carrot joined the fight by headbutting Lori. Marton re-entered the
game and quietly began getting his equipment from his corpse while the
others battled. Sir Hero fled, and the fighting stopped temporarily. He
returned to the inn and rented to clear his vision. When he returned, he
knocked Lori down with a headbutt, but Marton's kick killed him. Stephen
then kicked Marton, killing him. Lori then stunned Stephen, and the two of
them fought while Hero killed Marton again. Marton returned to kill Hero.
Lori's Bad Attitude blinded Stephen, who blundered into Carrot and then
fled. Carrot killed Marton a fourth time. While Hero and Marton returned,
Lori stunned Carrot and the two of them began fighting. Somar finally
arrived at the scene and attacked Lori. Hero killed Marton again.
BlackWillow joins Lori's attack on Carrot with a kick. BlackWillow uses a
clapper, which boomed, killing Hero and causing everyone within range to
attack, including me and Kheldar. Hero and Marton returned. At this point,
I fled, wanting no part of this combat. While I stood outside, Hero killed
Marton again. Marton then returned and was felled by BlackWillow's
clapper, then returned and was killed again the same way. BlackWillow fled
the scene and joined me outside the inn. BlackWillow entered the inn,
while Marton was killed by Hero twice more, before killing Hero again.
Marton killed Hero. Somar killed Marton. Marton killed Hero. Somar killed
Marton. Marton killed Hero. Somar killed Marton. Marton killed Hero. Hero
killed Marton twice. Marton killed Hero twice. Somar killed Marton. Marton
killed Hero twice. Somar killed Marton, then Hero killed him. Marton
killed Hero again and again. Then Hero killed Marton twice.

*->A truly dizzying amount of carnage, is it not my friends?  I knew not
   the power that lied in the hands that even now construct this message.
   As I stated before, I do truly feel bad about having killed Marton a
   second time - the dangers of pretyping are manifold as Augustus often
   told me.  Marton absolved me of my guilt for that, however.  After that
   second time, Lori promptly showed off her skills and put me out for
   quite a long time before I attempted her life and mine eyes were torn
   from me.  I knew not that I crashed into Carrot - but I was hardly
   aware at the time.  :)  After that, I fled until my sight returned - lost
   in a dark world with only messages of the dying flashing across my mind.

Somar finally faded Hero, temporarily suspending combat. He threatened to
throw Hero out of the Knights also if he attacked Marton again. Hero was
not cowed by this and claimed he would gladly renounce his knighthood to
kill Marton. Somar then threw Hero out of the clan for unknightly

I ventured into the bloody inn, and saw bodies lying everywhere. 36
bodies, to be exact, all of them either Hero's or Marton's. The count:
Marton died 19 times, Hero 17 times. A crowd had gathered in the inn, and
Hero and Marton continued to argue with each other. Hero knocked Marton
down with a headbutt and attacked without a weapon. Marton stood up and
delivered a kick into Hero's gut, then fled but returned immediately to
favor Hero with another kick before fleeing again. He returned to attack
again, but Hero gave him a kick which permanently killed him. Lori then
killed Hero again.

*->I think it was about this time that most people gave up trying to keep 
   the peace.....

When Hero returned, Lori advised him to run, but he refused. Somebody,
acting invisibly, blinded Lori, causing her to crash into Kheldar, but she
and Stephen managed to calm the situation. This didn't satisfy the
invisible spellcaster, who revealed himself as Nett when he faded into
existence to headbutt Lori. Tarbash calmed the fight, but the Irishman
attacked again. Somar then tried to calm them down, but Nett attacked Lori
again. After a few blows had been exchanged, he fled, but she pursued him.
After a few moments he returned and rented, Lori hot on his heels. He
returned to the game and Lori stunned him again. He fled and Lori ran
after him again.

About this time, Hero began claiming his equipment from the bloody floor.
Suddenly, Glock entered the inn and killed Hero with a backstab. Hero
returned and exchanged words with Glock, daring him to kill him again and
finish him. Glock refused, telling him to heal himself first. Then Hero
attacked Somar, who quickly calmed the fight, leaving Hero stunned on the
floor of the inn.

*->It was about at this time, realizing Hero was quite far gone from the
   Knight he once was, that I told him I wasn't his "private dancer" and
   kept myself ready to run if he decided to force his perma on me.

Satsu appeared, and was staggered by the bloody ruin of the inn. Hero
charged at Somar with a warcry, but Somar calmed him again. Hero attacked
and was calmed again by Somar. Hero attacked again and was calmed by Ryssa
this time. Satsu warned the unclanned Ryssa of the consequences of 
interfering in player killing. Tarbash then caused Hero to fall asleep and 
before he woke up Somar vanished, preventing Hero from attacking him 
again. Hero then attacked Glock and was calmed by Stephen before Tarbash 
made him sleep again. When Hero woke up, I blinded him, preventing him from
attacking anyone for the moment. Hero left the game and returned, and I
blinded him again.

*->It was at this time that Sir Somar led Sir Tarbash and myself to 
   Plymplyton (sp?) Church to mourn our dead and lost.  

Hero said that he wanted to perma and the others told him to use mobs for
his dirty work. He left the game to counteract the blindness and attacked
BlackWillow. Glock knocked him down with a headbutt and BlackWillow kicked
him. Hero quickly died again. He returned and attacked Glock and was
killed again. Hero returned and attacked Richard and was permanently
killed by the innkeeper.

It wasn't quite over yet, though. Hero returned from the void to taunt his
former clan again before leaving for good. Marton also returned to get a
few comments in. Somar then announced that he would pay to have all of the
Knight clan tokens junked on auction. Lysandra announced that she had
found one, but then said that it had been taken by a brown-eyed Hispanic.

Later on, Somar accused Professor of looting Hero's corpse. Professor then
walked into a DT and destroyed the equipment.

                                                              - Solomon

*->Actually, Professor twice walked into a DT to get rid of the eq - thus
   ridding us all of the troubling problem of what to do with the eq of 
   two characters now lost to the world.

   Well, that's about all I can add right now - over all it was quite
   a traumatic event.  In the end, though I mourn those Knights lost
   and fallen, I find myself only more dedicated to those ideals I have
   lived my life with and sworn myself to as a Knight.  I won't lie, the
   whole affair leaves me feeling a bit dirty, but that's the failure
   of the people and not the ideal.

							-Sir Stephen

[The sword graphic was drawn by Malorn]

                            \|/ \|/ \|/


Last issue, we reported that Ryssa was adopted by Northstar MacLaren into 
the clan. However, it turns out that the adoption didn't go exactly as 
planned.. Apparently, Malorn had a long lost daughter who suddenly was 
revealed to him. That's right -- Sorka showed up at the ceremony with a 
lot of anger and grief towards Malorn, who claimed that he wasn't sure 
what exactly had happened to her (what exactly had happened to the mother 
was even less clear). While the rest of the adoption's participants 
stood in utter amazement (apparently, Tad had spilled the beans about 
Sorka to Malorn somewhere in the middle of the Adoption Certificate 
signing), Malorn tried fruitlessly to convince Sorka that he really did 
love her as a daughter and all and wanted to be a proper father to her 
(Sorka's response was mainly to point out that he certainly hadn't been 
there for her in the past!). Someone even suggested that since Malorn had 
been "adopted" into the MacLaren's, Sorka should be as well. Although 
Sorka's response to that was unclear (she didn't seem to be quite ready 
for that), she did apologize to Ryssa afterwards for the disruption of 
the ceremony (which did finally finish, with each MacLaren signing the 
Adoption Certificate, including Darby, who caught the tail end of the 

                            \|/ \|/ \|/


Cathrina and Feisal were wed April 27, Above a Waterfall in Nazca.  The
ceremony was performed by Ptah and was attended by Ryssa, Flagg, Candide,
Trunks, Harkon, Magnolia, Vyper, Nameless, Eimer, and a certain long-
haired wizard.  Northstar and I attended the couple, and I also stood
in for the bride's father and gave her away.

It was a slow starter, as both the bride and groom kept losing link,
but otherwise went nicely enough.  Feisal gave the bride 'a platinum
wedding band binding her to Feisal with eternal love' and Cathrina gave
him 'bound to Cathrina by love forever and a day'.  They vowed 'to
support and sustain in times of trouble, to cherish and love in times
of joy'.

Ptah had the best line:  'Here in our sight and blessed by the spray
of the waterfall, these two have pledged their hearts and lives to one
another.  They have chosen to bind each other with ties as light as
mist yet as pervasive as water.'

Although I don't know too much about the couple myself, I do know 
that they've traveled together from early on, and were very much looking 
forward to this.

- Conner

                            \|/ \|/ \|/

                         A TALE OF A WENCH

Twas a quiet night... well, not all that quiet, Mandolin was wandering 
the world, occasionally stopping for a drink, or two, or three, or 
forty five. She was toting her friends around with her, which always get 
her in to a heap of trouble, but in the cheers of it all, one Conan kept 
chatting that ale and wenches were on him.

Faced with utter financial destruction, Conan quickly started panning out 
his debts to other people, declaring that the ale and wenches were on 
them. Around this time someone, I believe it was Pegasus made some 
comment referring to Mandolin as a wench. Now I've known Mandolin quite a 
long time and she's usually not in the habit of taking kindly to words 
like that. But considering her rather intoxicated state, she paid little 
mind, rather occupied with another discussion about Pegasus's lack of an 
axe and some accusing of the winged-horse named soul of protecting the 
women in the harem. Her motto, it seemed, for the evening, was 'it's not 
how you can swing the pike, it's how well you can set it for the oncoming 

Anyway, the conversation rolled on, and at some point Conan became 
interested in taking up Mandolin's offer of becoming his personal wench. 
Pegasus scoffed at this which lead to Conan's accusations of Pegasus 
never knowing the love of a woman and further comment from Mandolin about 
his taking his job in Agrabah a little too far. Before Mandolin departed, 
she gave Conan three tasks by which to test his worthiness. The first, a 
challenge of strength, to bring her the head of a mighty wyrm who fuels 
the forges of Ragin. The second, a test of his intelligence, by which he 
must acquire an instrument of exceptional value and play for her a song. 
The third, was to test his compassion and that he must rescue a baby 
llama and bring it to its mother.  Conan pondered... well... slobbered 
for a bit and then accepted...

Mandolin left in a bit of a daze... and Conan went off searching...


                       ABIGAIL'S STORY

[We received this letter in the mail just today...]

I have left Erecout, my home, in search of me eldest sister, Isobel, who set
out some time 'go in search of Sir Crowe in the hopes of joining the Knights
of Legend, and stand by his side. In me travels, I met a Knight, Sir
Dominic, who had the unfortunate privilege of informing me of Isobel's
death. Though he knew not how she was slain. Tis something that I shall set
out to learn.
I have learned of a man named Bay, someone that b'friended me sister, and
'nother who would tell me of their friendship, one that is called Kheldar.
When Kheldar and I met, he surprised me with an unsent, unopened letter from
Isobel! A most saddening and upsetting tale this letter held. Sir Crowe
betraying her for 'nother! This must have hurt her deeply indeed. He told me
of Kiera, the one that killed me sister. Although quite angry, I continued
to listen as he told me of the wars that his clan and me sister's fought
Her letter led me once 'gain to the Knight Dominic and this time, his wife,
the Lady Lirra, as well. A most confusing conversation I had with her.  She
has told me little about Sir Crowe and Isobel, though I believe her to know
more. She pointed out that her sister, Lark, would be more helpful in this
matter.  I shall seek audience with her as soon as possible.
I have met a kind bard named Farnsworth as well.  He told me of others that
knew Isobel, and what he knew of her as well. Although because of an
unfortunate accident, he could not fully recollect these past events.  He
sent me to his brother, Zorn for a more clear account...
I immediately sent word to Zorn that I wished to speak with him about my
sister.  In my waiting to hear from the bard Zorn, I met a woman named
Leila.  Although still young at the time, she remembered some of the
happenings of me sister.  More exactly, her death.  She spoke of another
bard, Greyscot, who knew of Isobel.  He is said to have wanted to avenge her
death ev'n, though the assassin had met her own demise before hand.  I shall
need to speak with him as well....
In returning to Eire for a brief time, I came to meet one called Lancorn.  a
most interesting fellow indeed.  A member of the clan Hermetics, and a
wizard! Yet most kind hearted indeed.  He spoke of a woman named Mitra, who
b'friended Isobel in her time of need. I have sent word to her as well, for
a friend of me sister is indeed someone I wish to speak with....
I met Zorn some time later in Kleinstadt. He seemed a tiring man, the years
show on his face.  He spoke well of me sister, telling me of her abilities
as a fighter, and to my surprise, sorceress. Our parents, though confused as
they would be of the magic, would be quite proud of their eldest child in
that she fought well, as the bard explained to me.  He was not so pleasant
when speaking of the Knights however. For a man that is to help aid all, he
cared for them not in the least.  He told me of a great warrior named
Richard Sharpe, that might train me in the hopes that I may avenge me
sister's death. I shall seek his help immediately indeed....
I have met many in my search, but only b'friended the girl named Simara.
She has become a good friend, and I trust her as I would my sisters. A most
flirtatious lass, but seems to wish to learn to fight as well, and is
willing to help me in my quest. I confide in her often, she is the only one
in these lands that I trust....

- Abigail


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