Volume One

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Each link is followed by a list of articles that can be found in that volume.

Volume One Issue One


  • Premiere Issue!
  • A Legend Questionnaire
  • New code in the works

Volume One Issue Two

September 5th, 1994

  • Code updates
  • Survey results
  • K'mala introduces the social column

Volume One Issue Three

September 22nd, 1994

  • Site update
  • Lecture series report
  • Spell updates
  • Prestige and alignment go in
  • Bardic and other skills added
  • New spells
  • Area updates
  • Mercenary advertises
  • Dagda has a vision
  • Hunter_Rose and Katya wed
  • Arkady and Caidi elope
  • Magdalen and Socrates engaged
  • Khelleck new GM of Knights
  • Clan news

Volume One Issue Four

September 25th, 1994

  • Special edition
  • New skills
  • New spells
  • Equipment damage goes in
  • Mercenary killed by Revenant

Volume One Issue Five

September 29th, 1994

  • Bug fixes
  • Weapon damage and equipment damage: a survivor's guide
  • Wraith becomes the new Master Bard
  • Other clan news

Volume One Issue Six

October 5th, 1994

  • Gold Rush San Francisco opens
  • Guns and bows are in
  • Bug fixes
  • Fight messages
  • On rent
  • Area updates
  • Roleplaying roundtable with Mercenary, Revenant, Mingus, and Dusty
  • Clan Grendel advertises
  • Mercenary killing spree
  • Sanquela dies for love of Dusty
  • Dusty terms the Dark Lord a guppy
  • Magdalen and Socrates don't marry

Volume One Issue Seven

October 17th, 1994

  • Arkenstone immorted
  • Ptah and Kaige promoted to Implementor
  • Immorts on leave
  • For prospective immorts
  • Assassin clan opens
  • New roleplayers

Volume One Issue Eight

October 25th, 1994

  • Drowning
  • Code updates
  • Medical profession skills
  • Player short and long descriptions
  • Arkady advertses
  • Playerkilling news
  • Clan Connaught forms