Volume Two

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Each link is followed by a list of articles that can be found in that volume.

Volume Two Issue One

January 2nd, 1995

  • "A little holiday tale" by Ptah
  • Viking Scandinavia opens
  • Medieval England rearranged
  • Auction system installed
  • code updates
  • wary/aggressive system added
  • player description registration added
  • spells updates
  • skills updates
  • "Taro's Passing" by Sir Dominic
  • Gronf departs
  • "A Story from Hakiem the Tale-Spinner: the Coming of Revenant

Volume Two Issue Two

January 5th, 1995

  • Code fixes
  • T-shirts
  • "A Brief History of LegendMUD" by Ptah
  • Bart pursues Rusalka
  • "She Walks Like a Ghost" by Dusty
  • War between Mercenary and the Knights
  • "Tigger tells a tale"
  • request for articles

Volume Two Issue Three

January 9th, 1995

  • Mud down time
  • Phoenicians open
  • Clan rosters
  • bug fixes
  • MudGate and Pick of the Week
  • "The Bard, the Champion, the Battle-Maid, and her Lover: part of the Dusty and Greyscot Saga"
  • a letter from Mercenary
  • a clarification
  • Eretz' poem for Rusalka

Volume Two Issue Four

Jan. 13th, 1995

  • MudGate's review
  • "Clan Connaught's Loss" by Rory
  • Knight/Mercenary True Falls Through
  • A Letter from Tigger
  • departing players

Volume Two Issue Five

Jan. 15th, 1995

  • Wary/agg bugs fixed
  • Doppelgangers altered
  • Many spell updates
  • Welcome Mr. Maynard
  • "Seeking Rusalka's Roots" by Bart
  • A Letter from Snitch

Volume Two Issue Six

Jan. 17th, 1995

  • Ganelon resigns
  • Matrix and Wraith immort
  • Arkenstone makes a WWW page
  • bug fixes
  • Are mobs tougher than they used to be?
  • "Sylia's Tips for Success, part one (The Fighter Tactics)" by Sylia
  • The Legend Superbowl Pkill Tournament
  • "Sephrenia's Dream" by Sephrenia
  • Star Trek: Voyager tape tree

Volume Two Issue Seven

Jan. 27th, 1995

  • Special All-Rusalka Issue!
  • Legend moves
  • Mingus immorts
  • "Sylia's Tips for Success, part two (The Cause Mage and Life)" by Sylia
  • Rename Hrothgar Contest
  • "An Autobiography" by Byron
  • "The Rusalka Poems" by Hunter_Rose, Jafar, Greyscot, Orlando, and Hayden

Volume Two Issue Eight

Incorrectly dated

  • Bug fixes and updates
  • First Annual Expies Awards Nominations Form
  • "Sylia's Tips and Tricks of Legend, part three (Stats)" by Sylia
  • "A Short Chat About the Bards" by Eretz

Volume Two Issue Nine

Incorrectly dated

  • Bug fixes
  • Current Expies Nominations
  • "Sylia's Tips and Tricks of Legend, part four (Tactics)" by Sylia
  • Bart and Rusalka: the Conclusion!
  • Pkill Tourney results! by Warbird
  • a mysterious note

Volume Two Issue Ten

February 8th, 1995

  • Bug fixes
  • Ireland update
  • Coming Attractions
  • Bart and Rusalka Wedding Invitation
  • Bridal Shower Invitation
  • Hermetics recruiting
  • Uh oh, Dusty's back! Interviews with Birdy, Sylia, Zair, and Rusalka
  • Warbird departs
  • a real life anniversary

Volume Two Issue Eleven

February 13th, 1995

  • Various changes
  • LegendMUD t-shirts
  • Bridal Shower Report
  • Bart and Rusalka's Wedding

Volume Two Issue Twelve

February 15th, 1995

  • Birthday issue!
  • Mud code version 2.0
  • Legend moves
  • Lindisfarne opens
  • Fund raising drive
  • The end of Dusty and Greyscot?
  • Antipaladins kill Dusty
  • A Letter from Eretz

Volume Two Issue Thirteen

February 16th, 1995

  • French-Indian War opens
  • First Annual Expies Awards Results!
  • Attacks on Edith
  • clan news
  • Mercenary and Khelleck duel

Volume Two Issue Fourteen

Feb. 19th, 1995

  • K'Mala resigns
  • New spells
  • Spell fixes
  • Skill fixes
  • Area updates
  • "Living with Playerkilling" by Ptah
  • "Tale of the Dirty Pair"
  • Order of the Scroll vs. Bremmar and Sylia
  • treaties?

Volume Two Issue Fifteen

Feb. 26th, 1995

  • New spells
  • Bug fixes and updates
  • Lots of area updates
  • Mercenary news
  • Knightly rumors
  • Edith assassinated
  • Ghoul attacks Kiera
  • Hermetic rumors
  • Magdalen retires
  • Dec'lan returns

Volume Two Issue Sixteen

March 5th, 1995

  • Special social issue
  • Exon Bill Petition
  • T-shirt update
  • Birdy and Greyscot?
  • Sylia and Bremmar tackled by Bards, Knights, and others!
  • Rusalka resigns from the Hermetics
  • Dec'lan returns
  • Rusalka murdered and her Sweet Nothings stolen!
  • Statement by the Assassins

Volume Two Issue Seventeen

March 11th, 1995

  • New socials
  • Bug fixes
  • New herbs added
  • "The Bard's Guide to Surviving and Thriving on Legend" by Ramadan
  • Kiera and Tegid duel
  • Dusty takes on Cheese
  • "A Fair Little Minstrel" satire by Dusty on Greyscot
  • Dusty kills Kiera over a sweater
  • Ramadan and Eva retire

Volume Two Issue Eighteen

March 22nd, 1995

  • Mingus resigns
  • fight system test begins
  • anonymous FTP
  • "An Open Letter to New Adventurers" by Bay_El-Lor
  • Birdy and Greyscot are wed
  • Mystique vs. No
  • Bremmar invades the OTS clan hall
  • Ozy departs with a letter
  • Roy_Mast assassinated
  • Tempus held hostage by Silk and Kiera

Volume Two Issue Nineteen

March 22nd, 1995

  • New fight system adopted
  • New magic damage scale
  • new skills teachers
  • "Living with the New Fight System" by Ptah
  • people hit 50th
  • Rachael permadies
  • "I Remember When..." by Eretz and Psychotic
  • Satires by One
  • Tempus and Ecstasy back together

Volume Two Issue Twenty

April 6th, 1995

  • FTP site news
  • Entrance bug fixed
  • Ireland update
  • Spells fixes
  • LegendMUD Lecture Series
  • Proposals
  • Tempus and Ecstasy engaged
  • No and the Knights
  • Zandy's thanks
  • Sweet Nothings resolved?

Volume Two Issue Twenty-One

April 12th, 1995

  • Arkenstone resigns
  • teachers updated
  • FTP down
  • Writer's Group forming
  • Proposals
  • Editorial apology
  • Letter from the Assassins
  • The Sweet Nothings Auction
  • Hermetic Conclave rumors
  • Tempus and Ecstasy to wed
  • OOC news

Volume Two Issue Twenty-Two

April 19th, 1995

  • Many spell updates
  • many area updates
  • French-Indian War updated
  • What about the lag?
  • Where's the FTP site?
  • Writer's Group information
  • Proposals deadline
  • Sir Dominic the new Knight GM
  • Seattle area?
  • Tempus and Ecstasy wedding
  • Kiera attacks the OTS
  • Sadist's job

Volume Two Issue Twenty-Three

May 1st, 1995

  • Rusalka and Bart immorted
  • More mud moves
  • Beowulf opened
  • Abbey updated
  • "Some Notes on Playerkilling and Roleplay" by Rusalka
  • A Brief Policy Statement
  • Treasure Hunt!
  • Tempus and Ecstasy finally wed
  • Tempus then commits suicide
  • The Mess: Kiera versus the Order of the Scroll AND the Knights of Legend
  • "There once was a girl named Moira" by Dagney
  • Order of the Scroll recruiting

Volume Two Issue Twenty-Four

May 7th, 1995

  • Beowulf updates
  • Hell Updates
  • Breton in Scotland
  • New LT address
  • "On the Auction System" by Forrest
  • OTS official statement on the Mess
  • the bloody romance of Moira and No
  • Moira and the awful, horrible, no-good, bad week
  • Terminator assassinated
  • the weddings and engagements column
  • Caesar permadies
  • Dominic's car accident

Volume Two Issue Twenty-Five

May 13th, 1995

  • Hell updated
  • "Respect for All" by CLeo
  • Character Archiving
  • Moira converts to the Dark Lord
  • "Mallon's Bridge", sent by Dusty
  • CLeo says farewell for now
  • Sir Crowe and Willow to wed
  • Birdy and Greyscot announce the birth of twins!
  • An anonymous account about daycare for twins

Volume Two Issue Twenty-Six

May 21st, 1995

  • New menu system
  • skills and spells fixes
  • ranged yells
  • vehicles
  • auction changes
  • other changes
  • area fixes
  • Notice to clan leaders
  • "Etiquette and the OOC" by Ptah
  • Austin TX Mud Party
  • "A Dark Lord Debacle" starring Alexandra, Dusty, Moira, and Augustus, with a brief and fatal appearance by Tempus
  • new players, old players

Volume Two Issue Twenty-Seven

June 16th, 1995

  • Rusalka takes over editorship
  • Updates report
  • Notes on Clanning
  • Homepage update
  • Zandy new Hermetic gm
  • Birdy resigns from Knights, Sir Dominic takes over
  • Lirra transfers from Hermetics to Knights
  • Kiera wars against the OTS
  • Malorn's conversion to the Dark Lord
  • The Antipaladins tackle victims -Lark and Kendrik expecting, but who is the father?
  • miscellaneous news
  • Sir Crowe and Willow are wed
  • Khelleck passes into the Hall of Legends
  • Dagney retires

Volume Two Issue Twenty-Eight

July 5th, 1995

  • New moods system
  • "An Interview with Ptah" by Seph
  • Change in editors
  • Mud party pictures
  • A Knightly Wedding: Sir Dominic and Lady Lirra
  • Clan news
  • No in trouble with the Dark Lord
  • Kiera vs the OTS finally ends!
  • social news
  • errata

Volume Two Issue Twenty-Nine

July 12th, 1995

  • Viking updates
  • New site!
  • Proposals
  • "An Interview with Ptah, part II" by Seph
  • The OTS pays Kiera a 3,000,000gp ransom
  • much miscellaneous news
  • a note from Zandy

Volume Two Issue Thirty

August 1st, 1995

  • About the New Skills System
  • The Secretives take over Africa!
  • Merc struts a little
  • Lark gives birth to twins
  • The Tale of Isobel
  • jam session in the Wild Boar Tavern

Volume Two Issue Thirty-One

August 14th, 1995

  • Site move
  • Proposals update
  • "Everything I Really Needed to Know, I Learned on LegendMUD" by Forrest
  • Letter from CLeo
  • Michigan mud party
  • Call for panelists for a roleplaying symposium
  • Illusion contest
  • Clan news
  • Mercenary and Kiera duel
  • No retires
  • Tempus soap opera continues
  • Real Life news of the immortals
  • "A Pagan Wedding: Isobel and Alistaire" by Mitra

Volume Two Issue Thirty-Two

September 12th, 1995

  • Legend's new site
  • New immortals
  • Egypt opens
  • Auction changes
  • OOC changes
  • Spell code fixes
  • Emote handles possessives
  • Moon phases
  • Gun and archery proficiencies
  • Call for spells
  • Call for articles
  • Clan news
  • Mercenary advertises
  • Letter to Tenchi from Elanor
  • "An Occasional Series of Poems" by Limerick
  • Shelby and Zair are wed

Volume Two Issue Thirty-Three

September 25th, 1995

  • Playerkilling clan update
  • New unclanning policy
  • Bug fixes
  • Recall Tag update
  • About the Unofficial LegendMUD Home Page
  • Legend named Mud of the Month
  • Playerkilling workshop announcement
  • Clan news
  • "Mercenary Declares Knight Overlordship"
  • First wedding anniversary on the mud
  • "Legendary Tunes" by Penthus
  • Wiley advertises
  • "Bay's Wanderings" by the late Bay_El-Lor

Volume Two Issue Thirty-Four

October 7th, 1995

  • Seoni Jungle updates
  • Beowulf fixes
  • Nazca fixes
  • Egypt fixes
  • Clan hall fixes
  • Kiera permakilled
  • Clan news
  • Dusty returns and resigns from OTS
  • Clan SMILE forms
  • "The Ballad of Isobel and Bay" by Baca
  • Spencer advertises
  • "Ballads" by Fflwdwr
  • Joule adopted by the Starseeds

Volume Two Issue Thirty-Five

October 20th, 1995

  • Code updates
  • Hall of Legends bios needed
  • "A Scroll Responding to Mercenary's Challenge" by Sir Dominic
  • "Mercenary's Response" by Mercenary
  • Mercenary vs. the Knights
  • Playerkilling Battles
  • Details on Kiera's death
  • "An Elegy for Kiera" by Dusty
  • "The Wedding of Farnsworth and Linda" by Greebo and Spencer
  • Nic and Kadiya engaged
  • Wiley advertises
  • "This History of Harkon Lukus" by Harkon

Volume Two Issue Thirty-Six

November 6th, 1995

  • French-Indian War expanded and moved
  • Arkenstone returns
  • Notes and boards
  • Suicide announcement
  • Hall of Legends announcement
  • Proposals update
  • All Hallow's Eve: 2nd annual campfire tales
  • Malikeila permadies
  • Prasetya permadies
  • Malakai dies of grief
  • "Prasetya's Journal" by Prasetya
  • An error correction
  • Miss Demeanor's column debuts
  • Penthus retires
  • Nic and Kadiya marry
  • Harkon and Lyssa marry
  • "Limericks" by Baca, Dusty, Mercenary, and Darby

Volume Two Issue Thirty-Seven

November 21st, 1995

  • Code updates
  • Recalltag down
  • Player purge
  • Legend chosen as one of four recommended muds by Pueblo
  • Description updates
  • French workshop
  • Legendary Rumors
  • Gail and Vasco engaged
  • CLeo and Terror engaged
  • Gerry and Mitra engaged
  • A letter from Clan Pug
  • The Legendary Times guide to Acronyms
  • "A Eulogy for MontyPython" by Lynche
  • "A Poem" by Killer
  • Ugh!! returns
  • "Limerick's Challenge"

Volume Two Issue Thirty-Eight

December 9th, 1995

  • Code updates
  • Ancient India opens
  • Sadist retires
  • Character archiving
  • Clan recrutment ad contest
  • Christmas party
  • Legendary Rumors
  • "Dusty and Limerick Poetry Duel"
  • "The Tale of Tad" by Tad
  • "Magda of the Long Nose" by Dusty
  • Gerry and Mitra wedding invite
  • Harkon meets Satan
  • Errata

Volume Two Issue Thirty-Nine

December 23rd, 1995

  • Web site update
  • FTP site news
  • New skills system FAQ
  • Trivia Contest!
  • Baca's "Roleplaying the Create Mage"
  • Gen offers portraits
  • Mitra and Gerry's Wedding
  • Assassin rumors
  • Legend Meet 96